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Photo of Founders Toni and Francesca

Meet Toni & Francesca

Toni & Francesca Founders



"I have been making my toffee for over 40 years and have been encouraged by anyone who has ever tried my mouth watering, butter and creamy toffee to sell my product.  I started making this secret recipe when our two children were very young.  Over the years after gifting to friends and family and bringing to social events, etc. I was encouraged to sell my product.  It wasn't until my husband suggest that I team up with my daughter    in-law in getting my toffee on the market.   Francesca was just what I needed to keep things moving along and tackle all the tedious applications processes.  Hope you enjoy."

"Entrepreneurship is in my blood so I was so excited for the opportunity to go into business with Toni, sharing her delicious toffee with the world!  A native to Seattle, I graduated from University of Washington and have traveled around the world; sampling the best cuisine, and taking in the beauty of many different cultures.  When I first tasted this toffee I knew it was something special that I wanted to share.  I'm passionate about the big moments and the small moments that make life so special and precious.  Jensen Toffee does that; it celebrates those small moments."

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